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Qatar Airways Meals


Special Dietary Requirements

Qatar Airways offers a wide range of special meals to accommodate different nutritive requirements. If you need a special meal on your flight, please let Qatar Airways know at the time of booking or you can contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 72 hours before your departure to inform them about your dietary requirements.

Baby Meal (BBML)

Prepackaged baby foods

Bland meal (BLML)

Free of mustard, pickles, garlic, nuts, fried and fatty foods

Children’s meal (CHML)

Only contains foods appropriate for children

Diabetic meal(DBML)

Free of sugar, syrup, jams, cakes, chocolates, sweets, pudding, fried and fatty foods

Fruit platter meal(FPML)

Free of non-fruit items

Gluten-free meal (GFML)

Free of wheat and wheat flour, barley, oat- and rye-based sauces, breads, cakes, pastas, biscuits, pastries, soups, sausages, farinaceous, prods, gravy and stock cubes

Hindu meal (HNML)

Free of beef, veal, beef sauces and meat extracts

Kosher meal (KSML)

Food chosen, prepared and serviced in accordance with Jewish dietary principles

Low-calorie meal (LCML)

Free of fried and fatty foods, sugar, preserves, pates, full-cream dairy products, fatty meat, cakes, biscuits, sweets, puddings, alcohol, soft drinks, fruit in syrup, mayonnaise and salad dressing

Low-cholesterol meal (LFML)

Free of fried and fatty foods, animal fats, egg yolks, full-cream dairy products, pates, shellfish, cream cheese, fatty meat, nuts and sausages

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