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Egypt Airlines Meals

Egypt Airllines Special Meals All of EgyptAir’s meals are halal, prepared in accordance with Islamic dietary law. For passengers who have restricted dietary needs, they are offering the following special meals: · Hot Diabetic Meals Healthy and sugar-free – nutritional information is provided. · Hindu Meals No meat, fish, eggs or dairy products · Kosher…

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Turkish Airlines Meals

Special Meal Service We always provide the “special meal” needs and preferences of our guests such as medical, dietary and religious needs, just except in our domestic flights. You have to request special meal 24 hours before the flight departure. As being a member of IATA member airlines, Turkish Airlines supply the special meal types…

qatar air

Qatar Airways Meals

Special Dietary Requirements Qatar Airways offers a wide range of special meals to accommodate different nutritive requirements. If you need a special meal on your flight, please let Qatar Airways know at the time of booking or you can contact your local Qatar Airways office at least 72 hours before your departure to inform them about…


Emirates Airlines Meals

Emirates offers a wide range of special meals to cater special medical, dietary, and religious requirements. You can only order special meals from given list, and variations on these meals cannot be provided. You must book special meals 24 hours before the flight. It is passenger’s duty to inform us about any allergies or special…

Airlines List

Algeria Air Algérie Tassili Airlines Angola Diexim Expresso SAL (Sociedade de Aviação Ligeira) SonAir TAAG Angola Airlines Benin COTAIR Trans Air Benin Botswana Air Botswana Alto Airlines Burkina Faso Air Burkina Burundi Air Burundi Cameroon Camair-co Elysian Airlines Cabo Verde Express Halcyonair TACV Chad Toumaï Air Tchad Comoros Comores Air Services Comores Aviation Comoro Islands…

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Airline meal codes

Below is list of Airline Meals codes. These are standard meal codes for all GDS’s (Galileo, Worldspan, Amedius, Sabre, Abacus) you can put request in SSR (Special Services Request) field. AVML – Asian Vegetarian Meal BBML – Baby Meal CAKE – Birthday Cake (on SAS) BLML – Bland Meal CHML – Children Meal CLML –…

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